Thesis Studio 09
Interspecies-Design Studio

Bee Friends and Dog Colleagues in Future Cities

Studio leader: Dr Stanislav Roudavski


Leading UK and Australian architects recognise the massive loss of nonhuman life as a state of emergency. Calls to give nature half of the planet gain increasing support. Can designers describe the future where wildlife thrives in urban environments and companion organisms have greater rights, freedoms, and access?

In response to this question, the studio considers the University of Melbourne’s plans for the future of campus. These plans propose to replace the Union House with a new interdisciplinary hub. The studio reimagines this project as an opportunity for interspecies design. Students examine the university’s commitments to sustainability and biodiversity, analyse the existing brief prepared by Hassell and develop innovative re-imaginations of inner-city life. The studio receives guidance from the project’s clients and architects. Importantly, students have an opportunity to present their work to the university management and influence future development.

The studio supports a diversity of approaches that can involve narrative responses to aspects of future life, applications of creative computing, construction innovations, practical prototyping, and detailed planning across scales.

Architecture 2020_summer