Research Higher Degree

It is a great honour for me, as Assistant Dean Research Training, to welcome you to 2020’s MSDX Graduate Research Student Gallery.

Undertaking Research by Higher Degree is difficult at the best of times. While our cohort embraces the challenge of original research and generating new knowledge in the various progressive, stimulating and exciting fields under the ABP banner, the work is difficult and rewards often seem distant. Add to that a punishing dash of pandemic, which has cut the cohort off from workplaces, research options (including international and even very local travel) and each other, and you’ll be doubly impressed by the already very impressive work our candidates have generated this year.

The cohort comes to us through a rigorous selection process and have already shown themselves to be amongst the world’s best up-and-comers in their field by the time they get to ABP.  Some of the work is very visual, some of it is textual, but all of it is about ideas and perspectives. Our Grad Researchers come from all around the world and with a variety of professional backgrounds and a host of expectations and ideals. They’re unified, primarily, by a desire to complement and change their particular discipline with new ideas and directions. It’s a privilege for all ABP academics to be a part of such a dazzling process.

Associate Professor David Nichols

Research Higher Degree 2020_summer