Foundations of Design: Representation

Subject coordinator: Scott Woods
Senior Tutor: Kim Võ. Senior Technical Tutor: Michael Mack

We are concerned with building a foundation for design as a discipline. FoDR is particularly concerned with introducing the role of representation within design and architecture as it is theorised, utilised and experienced within contemporary practice while considering its historical development. FoDR aims to develop student's skills by encouraging careful observation and analysis of formal, programmatic, material, narrative and perceptual contexts using different forms of media.

Introductions to digital and hand representation techniques buttress broader questions including “why do designers draw?” whilst emphasising the importance of developing a critical understanding of representational devices and operative design techniques.

Studio Tutors:
Belinda Yang | Brendan Pearce | Emmanuel Cohen | Georgia McCole | Haoyu Chen | Isabella Etna | Jacob Komarzynski | Jaqlin Lyon | Jeremy Cheang | Kevin Huynh | Kim Vo | Lachlan Welsh | Luke Kim | Melany Hayes | Michael Mack | Nicola Leong | Oskar Rosa | Rita Liao | Samuel Lalo | Saran Kim

Technical Tutors:
James Urlini | Rita Liao | Viya Zhang | Siavash Malek | Yuxin Jiang | Josh Budgen | Ali Azamy | Jean-Marc Tang | Yichen Cao

Instagram: @fodrarchive

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