Alex Wan

Terminus of Exchange: A Workshop of Self-Discovery and Craftsmanship

“Distracted, here we are, under the flickering fluorescent beam of light, as our fingertips mechanically waltz across the typing interface.

Riveted, once again, under the glimmering incandescent glow, as the same pair of hands finish the seam without a serger.

We have been distracted, for work should be passionate; it should be tactile. Work is sincere; it should be authentic.

Remember now, for we are our own dongle, a node in the system of exchange. Master the crafts and be empowered! Listen to the last stroke of your fingertips.”

The Terminus sees every worker as agents of themselves; to work is to exchange their own dexterities. A terminal for active collaboration, it is a workshop for both the craftspeople and the white collars. Architecturally, the building exhibits itself as an amalgamation of an urban park, an institute, a workshop, and an office tower. The Terminus explores rituality and modes of working through changes in materiality, threshold, lighting, and landscape.

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