CDE Studio 03

Eternal Holiday

Studio leader: Peter Stasios

We are not working less; in fact, we are working longer and harder than ever, in spaces that have left us feeling broken. The moral and spiritual damage that comes from this situation is profound.

There is a sense we are at the beginning of something, the previous version of the city and work have been made obsolete. Eternal Holiday is keen to explore alternatives.

Eternal Holiday orientates itself around the topic of work and its role in the city. With a calculated indifference to current forms of work and city the studio investigates both through a critical lens in hope of negating the status quo. Defined by a number of refusals and denials, students will be tasked with defining a new version of the workplace and proposing a new architecture that will restore the city as a creative engine.

Using the iconic Palace Theatre, the studio pairs the above provocation with distinctly architectural problems of scale, form and program. Prioritising important questions over resolved answers, students were expected to develop a conceptual position on work and search for the appropriate accompanying architecture.

William Grosby
Vlad Doudakliev
Elena Novello
Esteban Montecinos
Dominik Holzer
Samantha Poole

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