Ann Lim

The Pendulum of Paradox

Our past work place typologies stand as the product of reactions to the problems of the past and the technological advancements that propelled us into the future. From hard manual labour alongside the invention of machinery, to mundane repetitive tasks that we created with the invention of the computer; we now work in open spaces of individualistic isolation where we are lonely, although not alone - connected through the invention of the internet but without a strong sense of belonging.

The next technological advancement lies on the horizon - artificial intelligence. The automation of ‘thinking’ will leave us with little reason and means to connect and form social and communal bonds. Coupled with the growing acceptance of remote working, the workplace of the future must serve as the medium that brings together individuals, teams, networks and ultimately, the city, through the utilisation of a collective ground that binds people through shared activities and values.

The collective ground is a series of spaces that will provide workers with a sense of belonging, tying together work and leisure in order to foster connections between ourselves, our teams, our networks and ultimately, our city.

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