Wenquin Sheng


The designed environment generates social spaces concretely. It influences the way you act; stimulates the reflection you see. The cyber environment generates social spaces virtually. It changes the way you think, shapes the value you believe in. Information is filtered and selected for the targeted audience. It will lead to polarized views and a lack of tolerance among society. The principle of the algorithm should be revealed to awaken people’s awareness of the big data crisis.

This design attempts to bring reflection and insights to the public regarding the emerging ethical issues of technological innovation. It should provoke self-consciousness and offer a bird's eye view inspection of a common domain.

This building aimed to become a place that cultivates the awareness of big data and information abuse. It will help people to understand their rights as individuals in this cyber world. Establish a regulatory system overwatching the big data organisation to manage the agents' marketing activities and implement the legal company's strategy. This design not only provides an office area for big data companies and relevant watchdog, but it is also an open-source center for people to learn about public information security and how to guard their privacy against being overly exposed.

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