Yilin Tu


We try to follow the steps of the Fast-driven society, creating a project that can adapt to city developments. Diverse demands and differentiated personalities challenge the architectural form, which leads to the idea of time zone separation within this project. According to one's requirements, they would enter a suitable working zone with different time performance (tactually and mentally).

TIMEVIO reflects the flow of people as a virtual input and output process for different time zones, which is also associated with the arrangement of the time zone vertically within the project. With the most flow of people, experiencing time within the specific area will be much faster than actual. Moreover, interruption of movements, multiple functional areas, different finishes and light contrast will all become the extrinsic factor to puzzle people's feelings about time. Hence, within this fast-driven society, developing a working space with different time selections is beneficial to achieve their best working efficiency and adapt to the city's fast developments.

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