Zheng Wu

Performance Depot

Nowadays, performing arts has been evolving and diversified to meet a changing generation of audiences, the city craves a revolutionary upgrade of performance industries. Hence, Performance Depot is a warehouse with rehearsal, production spaces for practitioners, and an immersive theatre that forges closer connections between performers and audience by immersing them in hyper-realistic stage-sets as if they are living and exploring in fiction.

In light of recalling the former theatrical identity, the new immersive theatre should challenge the obsolete theatre at the right angle, with a rotunda public foyer as a connecting node. The main entrance is covered by operable curtain-like aluminum claddings, used to make any industrial shed. The curtain-like concrete walls frame the entrance as a portal into a theatrical reality.

Working spaces include a co-working workshop at the street corner, rehearsal and production spaces on lower floors, and three cubes of immersive theatre whose configuration can be rearranged for specific stage sets as required.

During the day, the building appears as an industrial warehouse to be unveiled. However, at night, the proceeding immersive show would constantly cast vibrant lighting on the ephemeral skin, being enlivened as a fluid story maker, as an attractive, resilient creative engine for the city.

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