CDE Studio 22

Capriccio, Folly, City

Studio leaders: Kim Võ & Richen Jin

There is a rise of interest in the city and its urbanisation process. This interest is, however, peculiar when it employs the advancement of data science. There are countless attempts to map and represent the city using big data at a scale we have never seen before. Somehow, by looking through these highly detached representations of the city, architects seem to have “solved” the “problem”. Yet, the solutions barely scrape the surface of the issues of such complexity. What more concerning is how, through this lens of quantification, the city has become so abstract, so distanced, even strange, completely devoid of its qualities. These representations seem to always depict the city as a series of problems, or even problematise it to justify a “solution.”

Studio 22 proposes to investigate the formal and informal relationship between architecture and the city; as well as the idea of architecture as a form of knowledge and why we need continuous and refreshing criticism in architecture. Through critical studies of previous master architects and their projects, we will critically examine the Postmodernist discourses on the city from architectural viewpoints, to react against the Modernist managerial approach to the city.

Cynthia Senangsyah | Jack Fountain | Jingyi (Allie) Liu | Jiqing (Eric) Xie | Joshua Cole | Junjie Zhang | Mingcheng Xu | Nakita Tsz Yan Chan | Qian (Evon) Yu | Sichong (Sean) Shan

Architecture 2021_winter