Architecture Thesis Studio 08


Studio leader: Benjamin Lau

The world population is predicted to peak at 9.4 billion around 2070 with two-thirds of the world population living in cities. At the turn of this century when Melbourne decided to densify mainly within the Hoddle Grid and South Bank by developing upwards rather than expanding outwards, we have been experiencing the fastest urban densification  in Australia’s  history. Students will experience the challenges of urban densification alongside with other global issues faced by most architects nowadays. This thesis studio will design a super tall development complex at the heart of Melbourne CBD for the future based on science fiction predictions of technology, future climatic and sociological issues. Dense development does not necessary mean starting from ground zero, we should respect the local culture of our place and  our rich  history.

Benjamin Lau is a Design Partner of Farrells, renowned for place-making and sensitivity to public realm. He is specialised in mixed-use urban design, integrated complexes, super tall buildings  and transportation

Architecture 2021_winter