Dongjie Qiu

Thesis Statement: Metabody

Our city is increasingly vulnerable when facing the challenges of climate change, while the A. I is progressively take control of the world. Instead of being eliminated by it the better way is to integrate with it. With future technologies such as BCI(Brain-Computer Interface), Bionics tech, Programming materials and 4D-Print, it's time for us to rethink how to bridge the connection between people and
building. The thesis will explore the Future Architecture Anthropomorphism by introducing sustainability, flexibility and adaptability to a new skyscraper prototype. The intend is to imitate human organism, build up a health synergistic interaction system between people and building that combining new models of living, working and recreation with cutting-edge innovation to promote social well-being
and healthier lifestyles.

If we deconstruct a modern tower, we can always get Core, Facade and Structure which can be anthropomorphic analogy as the Human body's Organ, Skin and Skeleton. So the idea is to build up a fully sustainable building like a healthy human synergistic interaction system:
A Brain to control the whole system;
A Heart to generate energy;
A Kidney to recycle water;
A Lungs to produce clean air;
And a Digestive system to recycle building material and living waste;
The tower can provide a new model of living, working and recreation, also achieve Self-Sufficiency, even Abundancy in Energy, Food, Water and Building material.
This tower will act as a kind of 'living body' to adapt itself to different environments in 2070.