Future Primitive: 3007 Tent

A 1000 year tent is a structure that can respond to unexpected change – is the most enduring solution the least permanent one?


The Future Primitive Tent is a service and a system, at least as much as a product.  It is a structure that can be shared and used at all times –  its efficiency increases through multiple layers of use.  Its “emergency” status removes perceptions of ownership, allowing it to be used as a resource rather than as a possession.

Whilst most emergency shelters are houses, an entire village can use this tent.  Often in times of crisis, families are separated and the entire community acts as a family unit.  The tent offers some semi-permanence and can be used as a hospital, a shelter, and for resource allocation and information dissemination.  It can be used for water collection, and leaves almost no impact on the earth once it is moved on or finished with.  The use of the tent evolves as the community recovers. When the community is ready the structure can be moved on.


Anthony Dann





Studio Leader

Graham Crist