New Tools and Techniques for Learning in the Field

Enabling interactive learning in the field

This project aimed to develop appropriate use of mobile devices for students undertaking fieldwork exercises. Four fieldwork case study projects were incorporated into Architecture subjects taught at the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney and Monash University. The four case study projects provide some guiding principles for adaptation of the use of mobile devices for teaching and learning at other Universities.

Fieldwork is fundamental to a number of disciplines. Architecture students benefit by exploring the built environment whether landscapes or buildings first hand in the field. The use of mobile devices to assist Architecture students on fieldwork exercises grew out of the need to provide for a standardised platform that would ensure consistent delivery of material and information which students could use to explore elements of buildings and landscapes they are directed to.

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Project Details

Major Sponsor

Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching

Research Partners

University of Melbourne
Monash University
University of Sydney

Project Leaders

A/Prof Hannah Lewi
Wally Smith

Project Manager

Dora Constantinidis

Project Team

Shanton Chang
Diego Ramirez-Lovering (Monash Uni)
John Sadar (Monash Uni)
Andrew Saniga
Lee Stickells (Uni of Sydney)


A/Prof Hannah Lewi