Renewable energy for carbon neutral cities

Feasibility of solar, wind and biomass for sustainable energy landscape planning in Victoria

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Image: Siqing Chen

The unsustainable nature of the current patterns of energy supply lies in our high dependence on fossil fuel which is held responsible for global climate change. The catastrophic impacts of fossil fuel combustion have been widely recognised, however, fossil fuel still represents the largest component in the energy mix in our society today. Exploring for alternate clean and renewable energy source has been becoming one of the top priorities in the agenda to realising sustainable development.

Considering costs and returns in current energy market and relevant policies, this project aims to examine the capacity of energy generation from renewable resources and the economic feasibility of using solar, wind, and biomass energy to supply all-purpose energy use in Victoria.

The project will assist in reducing Victoria’s fossil fuel demand and greenhouse gas emissions, and inform planning and design actions aimed at realising carbon neutral urban development in response to current energy market and policies. This pilot study will provide findings that will lead to the development of a national completive grant application addressing renewable energy planning and carbon neutral futures at the national level.