Seminar 2: Peripheral Centralities - Politics, Policy & Practice

16 Nov 2021, Melbourne, Australia

This seminar focuses on contemporary political, policy and practice issues associated with the planning and development of peripheral centralities within metropolitan Australia. It will be face to face and held in Melbourne, Australia, with partnerships with the Suburban Alliance and the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) and coincides with the latter’s national conference. Participants include a mix of policymakers (local/state government), practitioners (developers, planning consultants, NGOs) and academics. This seminar has an industry focus and aims to develop best practices for managing the growth, retrofitting and reimagining of suburbs. It includes two panel discussions focusing on the following issues:

  • Vintages and types of suburbs in metropolitan Australia and the planning/regeneration challenges facing them
  • Best practice in the production of ‘good’ suburban places within growth areas across Australian metropolitan regions including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide

Presented by:

The University of Melbourne
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York University

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