General Scholarship Fund

Education is imperative for the technological and digital future, with design and the built environment disciplines sure to play significant roles. We have established the General Scholarship Fund to remove barriers to education and excellence.

The Faculty wants to offer a place to every talented student seeking entry to our courses, or to support outstanding initiatives and ideas of students who need a financial base to make their dream a reality, or to assist those who want to travel to expand their knowledge base and awareness to the next level.

All gifts into the Fund accumulate with the annual income being used to fund the scholarships, prizes and awards. In this way, all gifts to the Fund have perpetual impact to the future students of our Faculty.

Give to the General Scholarship Fund

I was extremely grateful that the Graeme Treloar Scholarship enabled me to conduct fieldwork in Europe that looked at successful home modification programs for people with disabilities. It was particularly fitting, given Graeme’s own work and contributions, to have the opportunity to conduct practical, empirical construction research that has strong social and community benefits.

Andrew Martel, Winner of the 2016 Graeme Treloar Scholarship, supported by the ABP General Scholarship Fund