Graham Treloar Fellowship for Early Career Researchers

Dr Graham Treloar was an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, and a world-leading researcher on the environmental impact of buildings.

Though sadly cut short, Graham achieved in a ten-year academic career a body of work that most researchers would hope to achieve in a lifetime. He was an international leader in the field of embodied energy analysis, sustainable construction, life cycle assessment and, later, embodied water consumption.

Following his untimely death in 2008, the Faculty of ABP announced the establishment of the Graham Treloar Fellowship to acknowledge Dr Treloar's contribution and his support for early career researchers. Having had his first child the same year as completing his PhD, Graham well understood the pressures facing early career researchers, both professionally and personally. He gave valuable, practical advice with sensitivity and always enthusiastically championed the development of the careers of his young colleagues.

The Graham Treloar Fellowship is founded in the spirit of this contribution. It will provide financial support to an early career researcher from the Faculty to develop their research career in their chosen specialty.

Give to the Graham Treloar Fellowship

When colleagues hear that I’ve received the Graham Treloar Fellowship for Early Career Researchers, their response is a consistent one. They are happy for me, of course, and the congratulations are offered. But more noticeably, they get a faraway, appreciative look on their faces and then share with me the man that Graham was, the interest he took in new researchers and new research and the help and guidance he gave to his colleagues. It is clear to me in these exchanges, that he was very dear to people who knew him and worked alongside him and this Fellowship is a special one in my colleagues’ hearts.

While I never had the privilege of meeting Graham when he was alive, I feel extremely honoured to be a part of his magnificent legacy to scholarship and research collaboration and I convey my sincere thanks those who have organised this Fellowship in Graham’s name.

Andrea Cook (Winner of the 2017 Graham Treloar Fellowship)