Hugh O'Neill Scholarship Fund

For over thirty years Hugh O’Neill AO was the first year coordinator at the Faculty of ABP. During this time, he helped found the enthusiasm and careers of thousands of students.

Hugh wasn’t just an educator, he took a personal approach to his role, and became friend, confidant and adviser to many, particularly overseas students, and more particularly those from Indonesia.

To honour Hugh and the community he has helped to create, the Faculty has set up the Hugh O’Neill Fund to set up a scholarship to future students of the Faculty in recognition of Hugh and those he influenced. The award will support the work of a student majoring in Architecture at the Undergraduate level who has excelled in one or more subjects relating to design or architectural heritage.

The Faculty acknowledges Hugh's passing in March 2022 with great sadness.

Give to the Hugh O'Neill Scholarship

Thank you very much for the opportunity, my sincere and utmost gratitude to you all for the award. It gives me much motivation to continue to work hard and be inspired in my work, and to do my best and always be mindful of the responsibility of doing good design work.

As I am about to graduate my Bachelor’s degree, I have been trying to save up some money to continue my Master’s degree in London, and this scholarship will certainly help me with that. Thank you very much once again, my sincere gratitude to you all.

Jingwen Eugene Kua (Winner of the inaugural Hugh O'Neill Scholarship)