Place Week Melbourne

Place Week is a week‐long series of activities that support and celebrate the work of those seeking to transform our public spaces into places where communities can come together.

From the 20th to the 26th of May, the Place Agency Consortium in Victoria, has come together to entice you with a series of events including a range of walking tours, design exhibitions, talks and workshops that will take place across Melbourne to build awareness and capacity for placemaking, while showcasing activities happening in our community. Below is a list of the activities happening throughout Place Week Victoria.

Newport Placemaking Sandbox Studio Exhibition
Newport Placemaking Sandbox Studio Exhibition

Example events

There are loads more but here is a taster:

Bill Reed - Inspirer

Sunday 20th of May 2-5pm - Workshop with Bill Reed (US), joined by the flamboyant Gilbert Rochecouste of Village Well to explore the new story of place and the tools, skills and processes to heal a broken world. This will be an inspiring, transformative and fun afternoon.

Melbourne Forum - Positive legacy development

Monday 21st 6pm-8pm. If we are to thrive into the future, humanity must address the social and ecological problems it has created. We need to find a way to live in the world so as to increase its capacity, not diminish it. The Melbourne Forum speakers all approach this idea from their own perspectives. Includes food and drinks.

Cremorne Roaming Event - The event showcases Cremorne’s culture as a roaming event

Thursday 24th of May 5-7pm Communicating place through inclusive exploratory approaches. Along the way you’ll see examples of signage, voxpops, stories projected, skill share, maps, EDMs and a co‐curated newsletter. Inclusive, exploratory process of co‐creation (businesses and residents) and co‐curation! The event stops by at an eclectic bar (just for us) and ends at the UnderPark (pop up site). Price includes cocktail, music and urban greenery donation to fund plants. Communication services donated by 226 Strategic, a partner of the Place Agency Consortium.