Future Prototyping Exhibition

Future Prototyping Exhibition

Melbourne School of Design,
Glyn Davis Building,
University of Melbourne,
Parkville, VIC

  • Melbourne Design Week

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Making a prototype provides a means to experiment, design and evaluate an idea, or a concept. What it does is to make the future visible. While most prototypes are physical artefact, it can also be virtual and come in a multitude of media that challenge our senses:  in the form of sound, touch, smell, sight and taste. Most critically, they challenge our current views of our world and the ideal of our future society.

Future Prototyping exhibition staged at the Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design gathers innovative virtual, immersive and physical prototypes, that are emerging across the field of arts, design, food, engineering, and architecture in Australia and New Zealand. These prototypes demonstrate how making is changing in the 21st century through advanced technology, novel techniques and revitalisation of traditional craftsmanship. How we make define our milieu but most importantly, it provides us with glimpses into the future, one that is yet to come.

Future Prototyping Exhibition

Key Dates:

Private View and Floor Talks, Friday 13th March (6 - 7:30PM)

The official launch of the exhibition with several floor talks presented by young researchers and design. Floor talk will explore the stories behind some of the artefacts on show in the exhibition. The event will also mark the launch of the exhibition catalog (limited edition) available for purchase at the gallery.

Future Prototyping Symposium, Wednesday 18th March (10:30 - 4PM)

The symposium consists of three sessions of round table discussion, across three themes: Learning through Making, Technology and Prototyping + Prototyping Across Disciplines. We will be joined by Professor Philippe Block from Block Research Group (ETH, Zurich) and other invited panelists to discuss the role of prototyping in contemporary design. This is a free and ticketed event.

Haute Dining, Friday 20th March

This event curated by Mond Qu (United Make) will explore prototyping through food. Note: this is a paid event.

Exhibitor List:

Anders Kruse Aagaard (Aarhus School of Architecture), Pantea Alambeigi (Swinburne University), Gursel Alici (University of Wollongong), Kim Baber (University of Queensland), Dingwen ‘Nic’ Bao (RMIT), Aurimas Bukauskas (University of Bath), Dr Jane Burry (Swinburne University), Canhui Chen (Swinburne University), Dr Peter Choong (University of Melbourne), Ben Claase (University of Canberra), Jake Nakashima-Edwards (RMIT), Jon Engholt (Aarhus School of Architecture), Joe Gattas (University of Queensland), Sean Guy (thedifferentdesign), Hao Ouyang (University of Tasmania), Soomeen Hahm (SoomeenHahm Design), Erin Hinton (University of Canberra), Ryan Hughes (Aarhus School of Architecture), Gwyllim Jahn (Fologram), Sonja Hindrum (University of Tasmania), Jingwen Huo (University of Tasmania), Yuhan(Psyche) Hou (University of Melbourne), Dr Michael Hornblow (University of Tasmania), Milan Katic (4of7 Architecture), Chuan Khoo_ (RMIT), Lynn Hyun Kieffer (Aarhus School of Architecture), Niels Martin Larsen (Aarhus School of Architecture), Jim Lavranos (Caulfield Hospital), David Leggett (LLDS | Power to Make), Gaby Migeville-Little (University of Melbourne), Dr Paul Loh (University of Melbourne), Joshua Lye (RMIT), Jie Jun Low (University of Tasmania), Raphael Maria Mayer (University of Melbourne), Gabriele Mirra (University of Melbourne), Alireza Mohammadi (University of Melbourne), David Mah (University of Melbourne), Iain [Max] Maxwell (University of Canberra), Ben Milbourne (RMIT), Jiaqi Mo (University of Melbourne), Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran (RMIT), Cameron Newnham (Fologram), Dr Jacqueline Power (University of Tasmania), Dr Denny Oetomo (University of Melbourne), Jared Pan (University of Tasmania), Igor Pantic (UCL), David Pigram (Supermanoeuvre), Yi Rong (University of Melbourne), Daniel Prohasky (Swinburne University), Dr Alberto Pugnale (University of Melbourne), Dr Gregory Quinn (Swinburne University), John Sadar (Swinburne University), Fabian Schneider (Swinburne University), Dr. Roland Snooks (RMIT), Mary Spyropoulos (RMIT), Dr Djordje Stojanovic (University of Melbourne), Linus Tan (Swinburne University), Danny Triebert (Triebert), Wan Ping Tay  (University of Melbourne), Sam Tomkins (University of Canberra), Chun Tung Tse (University of Melbourne), Dr Jenny Underwood (RMIT), Leire Asensio Villoria (University of Melbourne), Kristen Wang (University of Melbourne), Prof. Yimin Mike Xie (RMIT), Eric Yong (University of Tasmania), Dr Leanne Zilka (RMIT)

The exhibition is proudly sponsored by Mitchell Laminates.

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