This site is designed to enhance your experience of the MSD Building. Whether you’re at home or taking a self-guided tour, it will explain why some of the key design decisions were made, and demonstrate what makes the building unique.

Background of the Building

Prior to colonisation, this site was a wetland that belonged to the traditional owners, the Wurundjeri people. The Melbourne School of Design acknowledges the traditional owners and pays its respects to Wurundjeri elders past, present and future.

The Melbourne School of Design, located at the heart of campus and handed over to the University in October 2014, is designed as a learning building – ‘Built Pedagogy’. People learn not only within classrooms but also by using the building and observing the ways that others use it.

Demolition of the old Architecture building and construction of the new MSD provided opportunities for ‘living learning’ through studio classes, exhibitions, tours, photo documentation and teaching activity on and around the site.

The award-winning architects were John Wardle Architects (Melbourne) and NADAAA (Boston). They collaborated on elements of the project often around the clock, working extensively with many other discipline groups to deliver the stunning Melbourne School of Design.

Awards and media coverage

The MSD Building has received numerous awards and enjoyed significant coverage in the media. Explore the accolades and articles that document the building's unique features and achievements.

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