Design Studios

The MSD building is home to 33 studio spaces. Many of our studios are named for our supporters.

Studio Teaching

Reflecting the collaborative way we learn, the layout of the teaching studios that surround and interact with the Atrium bring all our students into active contact.

The Design Studio has evolved into a place of exchange, debate, invention and innovation and this modern concept has been extended to the building itself. The MSD is home to 33 studio spaces, Level One houses eight studios on the southern side of the building. These studios are open and flexible, designed to encourage interaction and communication. This style of peer learning complements the formal MSD curriculum and establishes patterns of collaborative work, critical in professional practice.

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Transparent Reveal of Inner Workings

Visual links and transparency between the landscape, library, workshop, foyers, auditoria and plant rooms reveal workings, details and functional relationships occurring within the building. You can see how the building was constructed as well as how it works today. Exposed wiring and ventilation throughout the building reflects a deliberate decision to show and teach students about construction and materials.

Transparent Reveal of Inner Workings

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