CDE Studio 21
ZERO C Data Loop

Zero Carbon Data Centre for Next DC

Studio leader: Toby Reed


A.R.T Centre: a spontaneous data robot that perpetually updates itself in pursuit of serving the greater community and hosting better data storage solutions.

A.R.T respectively stands for Accumulative, Robotic and Transformative, highlighting the three main features of the newly designed Data Centre for NextDC.

Data Centre, as we know, is a typology that can often be found to closely relate to the themes of  innovative technologies, high securities and its immense amount of carbon emissions. The A.R.T centre therefore aims to provide optimised solutions, or perhaps challenge the intimidating stereotype of it by offering structures that allow for constant update of technologies and new spatial arrangements possibilities.

Instead of perceiving the design as an architectural work, I see it more as constructing a robot, that can eventually manage and thrive on its own. The robot who is driven by a deep learning algorithm can learn from its users and understand their needs, thereafter alternating itself for the better of the community, data storage solutions, and our environment.

Architecture 2020_winter