CDE Studio 16

Creative House
Housing for creative workers

Studio Leader: Joel Benichou

The creative industries contribute immeasurably to the social and cultural aspects of our cities. The exploration and implementation of deliberate housing, specifically geared towards the needs of workers in the creative industries, provide the opportunity for our cities to attract and retain people that will boost innovation, revitalise urban economies and provide inspiring and vibrant places to live.

Melbourne has several well-established creative hubs. However, some segments of the creative disciplines are being forced out of the suburbs and precincts they helped create. Inexhaustible demand for land and housing has led to prices of the inner suburbs reaching record levels, while the cheaper alternatives continue to sprawl further into the outer reaches of the city. Artists and creatives are being forced to rely on other forms of financial support to live rather than being free to innovate and develop unique ideas.

Creative industries contribute $22.7 billion to the Victorian economy alone.  An opportunity exists to increase the economic contribution these diverse disciplines bring by providing a larger variety of attractive and financially accessible housing solutions within desirable suburbs.

Exploration into the inefficiencies of our suburbs is required to provide new options for the demands and preferences of the creative community. Studio 16 considered notions of compact living in real world conditions. Students explored the issues of urban sprawl, housing affordability, change in demographic and adaptation to the new world of technology and globalisation through the eyes of our creative workers.

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