EcoCity (EBD)

What does Melbourne look like in 2032? In 2008, VEIL’s Design Hub members looked at the last remaining vacant land available for development in Melbourne’s CBD, known as E-Gate, and applied some very radical thinking.

A vision for a mini-city within the city, a new sustainable precinct on an existing site within Melbourne – the 25 h ‘E-gate’ site – to the north of Docklands.  This vision of development focuses on new sustainable systems (infrastructure, lifestyles, behaviours, enabling technologies) with an overall aim to demonstrate models for a ‘super-low’ consumption community, suited to a zero carbon future. The site is intended to be highly productive (energy, water, food, new business), adding value to the existing city and suited to people who desire to be part of a unique high-density residential and working precinct.

EBD is an Eco-City of the future between the Docklands and the CBD – a new model of sustainable prosperity.

About the EBD