Find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our graduate programs from entry requirements to portfolios.

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Entry requirements

  • My grades are just below 65%, can I still be considered for entry?

    Applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements to be considered for admission to our Graduate Coursework programs. Domestic Applicants who have had their academic standing impacted by circumstances beyond their control can consider our special entry scheme Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM).

  • What can I do if I don’t meet the 65% minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) requirement?

    Applicants who don’t meet the 65% minimum WAM requirement (University of Melbourne equivalent) can investigate additional study in another program or institution for one or two semesters to lift their academic standing. When assessing students for admission, we will consider a student’s entire academic record. If, after completion of additional study, you have an overall WAM of 65%, you can re-apply for our courses.

  • Can I apply for the course if I have not finished studying by the application deadline?

    You must be commencing your final year of study to apply. When making your application, you will need to provide a transcript with your academic results thus far in your study. Upon completion of your study, you can upload your final results to your online application. If you are made an offer prior to completing your study, you will be issued a Conditional Offer. Your offer will only be made Unconditional when you supply your final results and a statement of completion or testamur.

  • Can I do a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma to gain entry to a program I don’t meet the entry requirements for?

    No, the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma are not pathway programs into our Master’s programs. The academic requirement of 65% is the same across all our graduate coursework programs. Completion of one of these programs will not satisfy the requirement for a completed Bachelor degree in a cognate area for entry into our 2 year Master’s programs.


  • How do I apply for a scholarship?

    You will be automatically considered for multiple MSD Scholarships upon application to a course. You will not need to submit a separate application. Other scholarships, grants and bursaries may require a separate application depending on the specific eligibility requirements and application process. These can be explored via the University Scholarships database.

How to apply

  • Where can I find my course code?

    The course codes for our Graduate Coursework and Graduate Research programs are as follows:

    • Master of Architecture: MC-ARCH
    • Master of Architectural Engineering: MC-ARCHENG
    • Master of Construction Management: MC-CM
    • Master of Landscape Architecture: MC-LARCH
    • Master of Property: MC-PROP
    • Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage: MC-UCH
    • Master of Urban Design: MC-URBDES
    • Master of Urban Planning: MC-URPL
    • Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture, Building and Planning): DR-PHILABP
    • Master of Philosophy (Architecture, Building and Planning): MR-PHILABP
    • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Design: GC-ENVDES
    • Graduate Diploma in Built Environments: GD-BLTENV
    • Graduate Diploma in Built Environments Advanced: GDA-BLTENV
    • Graduate Diploma in Property Valuation: 702PA


  • Which courses do I need a portfolio for?

    You will need a portfolio for:

    • Master of Architecture (2-year and 3-year streams)
    • Master of Architectural Engineering
    • Master Landscape Architecture (2-year and 3-year* stream)
    • Master of Urban Design

    *Applicable only to students who have completed tertiary study in a design discipline (any) where 25% of study was design studio/project related.

  • How can I prepare a successful portfolio?

    You can refer to our online resources for help when preparing your portfolio for submission. Our MSD Design Portfolio Requirements resources include a Portfolio Guide, Assessment Matrix, Portfolio Video and Personal Statement Guide.

  • Does the 20-page portfolio limit include any title and contents pages?

    Yes, the 20-page portfolio limit includes all pages in your submission including a title page and contents page.

  • Can I submit a link to my portfolio in SlideRoom?

    No, you will need to submit one PDF document of maximum size 10MB as your portfolio submission.

  • If I receive an unsuccessful outcome, can I re-apply for the same intake with a different portfolio?

    No, you will not be able to re-apply for the same intake. Please ensure that your portfolio is your final submission and refer to the MSD Design Portfolio webpage for information on how to prepare your portfolio.

  • What software can I use to prepare my portfolio for entry to the program?

    One of our MSD Student Ambassadors has suggested the following software for portfolio preparation:

    • Adobe Suite (especially Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop),
    • Self-learning platforms such as Archistar and Lynda
    • Rhinoceros,
    • Grasshopper,
    • Maya
  • How can I compress my portfolio to meet the 10MB requirement?

    In the first instance, you can try to compress the file with Adobe InDesign software. If your file is still not small enough you can compress the size of each of your images, not just the file size of the entire document. You may also need to look into how your images are saved e.g. JPEG, PNG, GIF as different types of images work best when saved in a particular compression format. Ensure that the link images are not excessively large and convert vector-based graphics to pixel-based images.

  • Why do I need referees for my portfolio?

    Referees are required as part of your SlideRoom submission to confirm the authorship of work presented in your portfolio. Please refer to the MSD Design Portfolio page for more information on how to provide your referees and who they should be.

English language requirements

  • What scores do I need in my English language test to meet the English language requirements?

    Applicants can find course-specific English language requirements, including the scores required for English language tests on the English language requirement’s course-specific requirements webpage.

Advanced standing

  • How do I apply for credit?

    Advanced Standing (credit for prior study) is assessed upon application to the course. Our Academic Committee for Selection will examine your transcript for subject equivalency whilst assessing your application for admission. If your course application is successful, you will be notified of the credit you are eligible to receive in your offer letter.

  • Do you award credit for work experience?

    No, we are unable to grant Advanced Standing (credit for prior study) based on prior or current work experience. Work experience comes in many different forms in such a way that we are unable to formally equate work experience to a specific subject offered within our courses. Moreover, we are also unable to equitably formalise work experience equivalency between applicants. We are therefore only able to award Advanced Standing based on prior tertiary education.

  • What is Formsite?

    Formsite is a supplementary application form that is required for Master of Construction Management applicants with a cognate background in Construction, Architecture or Engineering. Subject syllabi must be provided to explain subject equivalency for prior study. If you wish to receive credit towards your degree, you will need to provide your subject syllabi in Formsite. You will be prompted to visit Formsite during the online course application.


  • When will I receive my application outcome?

    Graduate Coursework applications take 4-8 weeks to assess. Graduate Research applications take 8-12 weeks to assess. If your application is put on-hold due to missing information or documents, these indicative turnaround times will no longer apply.

  • What is a Selection Round?

    The Master of Architecture 3-year (300pt) stream holds a Selection Round in December to determine the intake for the next year. A Selection Round occurs after all applications are received for the course. Our Academic Committee for Selection review all applications and portfolio to then select successful applicants.

  • My offer letter is for the 3-year stream but I applied for the 2-year stream?

    Courses such as the Master of Architecture, Master of Architectural Engineering*, Master of Construction Management, Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Property award Advanced Standing (credit for prior study) to applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline. Your offer letter will list the ‘Standard Course Duration’ but also include a table detailing the credit awarded. There will be a note further into the offer letter under ‘Additional Information’ to confirm your reduced course duration.

    *Standard course duration is 4.5 years


  • Can I defer my offer?

    All courses but the Master of Architecture 3-year (300pt) program are available for deferral. You can submit your request to defer online.

  • How long can I defer my offer for?

    You can defer up to 12 months from the original offer intake. Additional deferral is possible after a 12 month deferral period only in extenuating circumstances and require additional documentation.


  • Can I undertake an internship as part of my studies?

    Yes, you undertake internship subjects here at MSD which can be credited toward your studies. This is referred to as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and is a great way to gain industry experience whilst progressing through your degree.

  • Where can I get help in finding internships or work experience?

    The University has an array of careers resources you can make use of such as the CareersOnline jobs board as well as one-on-one appointments and workshops. You can also keep up to date with MSD-specific internship opportunities by visiting our Internships and Vocational Placement website.

Overseas study

  • Can I study overseas as a part of my course?

    Yes, we absolutely support travel as a part of your studies. Overseas study can provide you with a global perspective on what you are learning here in Australia. Our MSD Travelling Studio subjects are held annually in different cities such as Gothenburg, Sweden or Los Angeles, USA. You can also explore the AA Visiting School's short-term programs if you are an Architecture student. University of Melbourne students are also able to explore overseas study through semester or year-long exchange, short-term programs and University of Melbourne overseas subjects.