Double Masters Degrees

Melbourne School of Design: Double Degrees

The Melbourne School of Design is now offering double Masters degrees. Double degrees offer students the opportunity to complete two Masters programs in a reduced timeframe. Double Masters degrees will be taught by the leading academics, with input and support from industry practitioners, providing students with an opportunity to network across disciplines and discover unique professional opportunities.

What double degree combinations are available?

The MSD is offering the following double degrees:

Why should I consider taking a double degree?

Double degrees allow students to complete two Masters degrees in complimentary areas.

Having two Masters degrees means you will graduate into the jobs market with a competitive advantage, and with increased flexibility and choice in terms of what roles you may seek after graduation. We understand that the new generation of students don't necessarily stay in one job for life. Instead they move from job to job, and may work in multiple different disciplines or areas during the course of their lives. The double degree increases mobility by opening up flexibility across career options and industries.  Double Masters give a competitive edge in the employment market, as students with the skills and knowledge to talk "across disciplines" are highly sought after in industry.

Double Masters degrees will allow the next generation of students to expand their knowledge, and will offer you more options in your career path. We know that the current generation of students have careers that are highly mobile, and may choose to change career direction at multiple points in their lives. Having two Masters degrees in complimentary Built Environments disciplines doesn't just broaden your knowledge and skills, it makes you more employable in more contexts, so you can work at a high level across disciplines.

How long does it take to complete a double degree?

That depends on the double degree you want to undertake, and what major/s you completed at undergraduate level. Most double Masters degrees require between 300 and 400 points of study. Students who have completed a relevant double major will normally gain additional credit, as will most students who completed an approved minor in their undergraduate degree.

Check individual course planning pages for more information on the duration of your preferred double Masters.

What prerequisites do I need to undertake a double Masters?

In most instances, you will need a major in one of the two areas you're interested in. Undertaking a relevant double major at undergraduate level can shorted the duration of the degree by one year.

Is the workload in a double Masters heavier than a single Masters?

No, the double masters don't require you to complete any more than the usual 50 points per semester, though the duration of the double degree will be longer than a single degree. The shorter nature of the double Masters degree is achieved by lessening the amount of electives students are required to take, while ensuring that all core content for the Masters programs remains covered.

What are the entry requirements for double Masters degrees?
In order to gain entry to a double Masters degree, you must meet the double degree entry requirements.  Individual course pages will have further information on the entry requirements for each double degree.

What if I decide not to continue with the double Masters and pursue a single Masters instead?

If you decide to drop one component of your double Masters, you will need to apply for a single Masters degree. Information on how to apply is on the single major page for your intended course. Credits will be carried across where applicable, and you will need to complete all requirements of the single degree prior to graduating.

I have other questions about entry to the degree that are not covered here

Please see the MSD FAQ page for more information on our degrees or submit your question through our enquiry form.

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