Travelling Studios

Melbourne School of Design Travelling studios are 'working laboratories' for design thought and production and involve the exploration of complex, real-life issues. Exposure to unfamiliar cultures, places and people will stimulate your ability to think creatively and problem-solve.

Pre-trip seminars will precede the travel component of each studio and each studio will incur travel costs, in addition to tuition fees. Faculty travel subsidies will be available to all participating students.

Application Process

Travelling studios are inter-disciplinary and developed in collaboration with partners such as other universities and government departments. Student numbers in each studio will be capped at 16.

Before applying for a travelling studio, consider the following Links to important information
Eligibility requirements
  • Admitted into a graduate program at the Melbourne School of Design
  • Have not completed more than two travelling studios as part of the course of study
  • Students usually cannot undertake a travelling studio subject in their commencing semester
  • Selection will be based on academic merit and a 500 word expression of interest, unless otherwise stated in the Handbook
  • Selection of applicants will be carried out by the Studio Leader(s).
  • IMPORTANT: Students must submit the online application form before the application deadline to be included in the selection process. See the 'How to apply' section below for more information.
  • Travelling studios can count as credit towards your course as a core subject or an elective - depending on the specific studio.
  • Students are permitted to count a maximum 25 points of Travelling Studio subject(s) towards a core component of their course.
  • Please consult the Handbook entry for the specific studio details
  • IMPORTANT: Some travelling studios are only open to students admitted into selected MSD courses.
Costs and Funding
  • All costs including travel, tuition fee, accommodation and incidentals will be borne by the student.
  • Faculty Funding: The Faculty may provide funding to students of up to $800, which is normally utilised towards accommodation costs in the first instance
  • Student Financial Aid: Successful students may be eligible to receive Financial Assistance.

Student Financial Aid
How to apply for a Travelling Studio MSD Travelling Studio are classed as 'quota restricted subjects' as they include a travel component where the capacity for large enrolment is limited by available resources (accommodation, OHS, etc.),  as well as the mode of teaching.

IMPORTANT: Applications for travelling studios are run via the quota selection process. Students will be required to submit an application via an online form. Please click on the button to the right to access the form.

Application Outcome
Students will  normally be notified of an outcome of their application within 10 working days after the application closing date for the corresponding Travelling Studio.
Travelling Studio Application Form

Field Trip and Site Visit Safety Procedures

Past travelling studios

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