1. Melbourne School of Design
  2. The Climate Imaginary

The principle climate emergency narrative in the public imagination is defined by scientific and political discussion. Sustainability and resilience has also consumed the design world but is frequently tempered by a technical and technological emphasis.

The Climate Imaginary showcases a growing body of work from both local and international design professionals, researchers and students that offer us captivating visions of an imaginative commitment to addressing the climate emergency.

There is an emerging body of work emanating from the deployment of the design imaginary bridging the technological, political and cultural, offering conceptions of a visionary engagement with the climate emergency.

exhibition introduction

MSD at HOME_ The Climate Imaginary Roundtable

The Climate Imaginary works:

Abalos + Sentkiewicz, appareil, Asensio_Mah, B+W+ (Baracco+Wright+), C+ Arquitectas, Design Earth, Ecologicstudio, Ecosistema Urbano, Fadi Masoud, Harvard Office for Urbanization, Iredale Pederson Hook, Llds Architects, Lydia Kallipoliti with Youngbin Shin, Melbourne School of Design, Op/al, Center for Civilization, Studio Edwards, Terraform One (mitchell Joachim), Wowowa, 4of7,

Curators: Leire Asensio Villoria & David Mah

Design: Michele Burder & Tim Powell Wright

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