Akua Danso


Akua Danso is a co-founder of Black Females in Architecture (BFA), along with Alisha Fisher, Neba Sere and Selasi Setufe. A Black British female architect from London, Akua recently passed her RIBA Part 3 examinations and is currently working for Scott Brownrigg Architects. A previous alumnus of the University of Liverpool and the University of Kent, Akua’s studies and work experience have enabled her to live in multiple cities including Berlin and Cambridge.

The BFA network’s objective is to increase the visibility of black and black mixed heritage women who work and study within the built environment field. BFA works hard to address the issues of inequality and the lack of diversity in the architecture professions. Akua is also passionate about improving regeneration of inner-city communities and interdisciplinary collaboration across the creative industries.

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Get Organised! action at the grassroots

A plethora of new activist groups has emerged in recent years. How do they demand change, support underrepresented groups, and shift the image and the shape of the built environment and design professions? Akua Danso, Catherine GriffithsSuzie Hunt and April McCabe reflect on motivations and means, strategies and tactics, obstacles and opportunities in a panel discussion chaired by Justine Clark.

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