April McCabe


April McCabe is an Associate Director of Cred Consulting. She is an experienced urban planner and policy specialist with experience in both government and the private sector in Australia, the UK and Ireland. Prior to joining Cred Consulting, April was the Policy Manager and Principal Policy Advisor to the Lord Mayor of Sydney, with a varied portfolio that included gender equality.

April is an advocate for human-centric urban planning and design approaches that positively influence how we experience, connect and function within cities and places. It is the life and social experiences created between the buildings and in public spaces that is of interest and should drive policy outcomes.

April is passionate about local activism, gender equality and the advancement of women in the built environment. She is the founder of Urbanistas Sydney, a women-led global network creating a space to amplify the voice of women through the sharing of stories, ideas and experiences to create more inclusive, generous and interesting cities.

Urbanistas Sydney was formed out of the recognition of women’s networking capacity and abilities to do things differently, to lead and encourage each other to develop ideas that have a positive social benefit for cities, places and people. A driving motivation was that despite there being an abundance of amazing women, we are still largely underrepresented; as leaders, as innovators, as voices and as role models in our cities.

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Day 1


Get Organised! action at the grassroots

A plethora of new activist groups has emerged in recent years. How do they demand change, support underrepresented groups, and shift the image and the shape of the built environment and design professions? Akua Danso, Catherine GriffithsSuzie Hunt and April McCabe reflect on motivations and means, strategies and tactics, obstacles and opportunities in a panel discussion chaired by Justine Clark.

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