Urban Planning

Urban Planning promotes the establishment of economically viable, socially just, environmentally sustainable, and safe and healthy human settlements. It has never been more timely than now, as we adapt to global changes that impact our cities.

Urban planning at the Melbourne School of Design is influential in the rapidly expanding city of Melbourne. We are actively involved in State policy, particularly in the areas of affordable housing, public housing, healthy cities, public transport and the future of urban planning for autonomous vehicles.

Our teaching and research deal with challenges such as climate change, deepening inequality often associated with diminished local democracy and the rise of community advocacy, growing concerns for community health and safety, and the emergence of global city-regions that require innovations in governance and planning.

Our curriculum and research activity reflects the importance of interdisciplinary learning in this complex field of endeavour, the importance of the task of communicating strong research on policy and practice, and critical enquiry backed by sound analytical method.

Our students are encouraged to develop high quality skills in theoretical and applied knowledge, engage with key contemporary planning ideals, ethics and debates, and to undertake supervised and self-directed learning, as part of their preparation for urban planning careers in Australia and internationally.



Undergraduate study in Urban Planning is taught through the Bachelor of Design.

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