Frequently Asked Questions

Baking #2


Can I work in a team?
No, only individual registrations have been accepted for the Competition. All cake exhibits must be the sole work of the Competitor.

Can I recreate a building that has been demolished?
Yes, an iconic building that once stood within the boundaries of the Melbourne CBD Map will be accepted.

I would like to make my cake out of bread, ginger bread or biscuit. Will this be accepted as being a ‘cake’?
There are many different types of cakes and many different ways of dividing them into various categories, but professional bakers categorise cakes by ingredients and mixing method. The following types of cake will be accepted: butter cake, pound cake, sponge cake, genoise cake, biscuit cake, angel food cake, chiffon cake, baked flourless cake, gingerbread cookie cake and fruit cake.

How creative can I get with my cake design?
The brief requires you to bake, build and recreate an iconic Melbourne building. In the recreation of your building you are encouraged to explore your creativity. You are welcome to interpret, translate and apply your vision into your building design with as much creativity you choose.

The brief indicates that ‘all internal cake structures must be food safe’. Can I use wood, plastic, metal or other materials to create a cake support structure?
Yes, your cake exhibits support structures can be made of materials such as wood, plastic or metal but the body of the structure must be baked. The cake sample you provide to the Judges must be free of these materials to be food safe. For more information about how to make your cake support structures food safe please refer to the following links: How to Make Cake Structures Food Safe – Pretty Witty Cakes

How large does my cake tasting sample need to be?
We have three Judges tasting your cake creations during the shortlisting process and as a guide we recommend providing three-bit size pieces for each Judge.

Why do I have to provide a list of my ingredients and materials used?
We will not be cutting into your cake at any stage of the process to check that it is indeed a cake, this is why we require a list of your materials and ingredients have been used. We also trust that you will adhere to the Competition requirements and if our team suspects that the internal structure of the design is not baked, they reserve the right to investigate further.

Why does my cake exhibit need to be treated with food lacquer? What is an alternative option if I do not want to use food lacquer?
Your cake will be stored overnight and displayed in unrefrigerated spaces. In an effort to preserve your cake for overnight storage and display, we recommend using food lacquer to seal in moisture and to give it a glossy and appetising look. However, the onus is on individual entrants to ensure that their entry is prepared and treated in a manner that will keep and is fit for display. If you decide not to use food lacquer, other alternative options may include those outlined below.

Frosting and fondant can act like plastic wrap, protecting the cake from air and moisture in the environment. A frosted cake can be kept at room temperature for four to five days. So, covering it with a cake keeper or an overturned bowl to protect it from dust and other things in the air during the storage it an option you may choose to apply after the shortlisting announcement, is an alternative option.

However, painting or spraying your cake exhibit with a layer of varnish or clear lacquer after it has set may further protect your cake. The ground floor display area is located in the foyer of the Glyn Davis Building (MSD), that has multi entrances and may be subject to light wind, dust and variable temperature levels throughout the display.

Applying food lacquer to my design will add an undesired gloss to my cake exhibit. Do I still require the use of a food lacquer?
Food lacquer or confectionary glaze, when used correctly act as a cake decorating finishing. Though there are also matte food lacquers should you need to avoid an undesirable gloss.

What will my bio information be used for?
All Competitors bios will be printed and displayed with each cake exhibit on Competition Day. Please send your bios to by Thursday 8 August 2019.

What information should my bio include? What is my word limit?
Your bio should include the name of the building, your name, a description of the building design. Your bio should be 80-100 words.

If my cake exhibit changes and I need to change my bio information, what is the final deadline to confirm this information?
The final deadline for your cake exhibit bio is on Thursday 8 August. This date has been chosen due to the time required to print all the printed assets.

In evaluation criteria point number five indicates that my ‘inventive use of fabrication, materials, planning (only non-edible decorations are allowed)’. What does this mean? Are non-edible decorations allowed?
Yes, correcting the statement listed in the brief both ‘edible and non-edible decorations are allowed’ when applying your inventive use of fabrication, materials and planning. If you require any further clarification on this matter, please contact us at



Where and when is the Melbourne’s Great Architectural Baking Competition being held?
The Competition is being held in the Glyn Davis Building at the Melbourne School of Design (MSD). The Competition will be open to the public on Sunday 18 August from 10am – 4pm.

Do general public need to purchase tickets to attend this event?
No, this is a free event open to the general public. Tickets are not required to attend. Competitors are encouraged to invite family, friends and guests to attend the public viewing.

Are we able to bring children to the Melbourne’s Great Architectural Baking Competition?
Yes, children and families are very welcome, so long as children are accompanied by an adult.

Is the Melbourne’s Great Architectural Baking Competition accessible for those with disabilities?
Yes, all levels of the venue are accessible by lifts and the entrance from the Swanston Street and Tin Alley has an access ramp.

Can we purchase food and drinks at the Melbourne’s Great Architectural Baking Competition?
Yes, the University of Melbourne, Parkville campus has a food court in Union House building, as well as other cafés and food vendors across the campus on Open Day.

Do I need to remain at my cake exhibit all day?
No, Competitors are not required to stay at their exhibits for the entire duration of the public viewing. Only finalists will be required to have a presence at their cake display during the live Q&A between 1.00pm – 2.15pm on Competition Day (Open Day).

If I am a finalist but am unable to attend the live Q&A component of the competition, what do I do?
Make sure to advise us at as soon as you know if you are unable to attend or participate in the live Q&A component for the Competition. We can discuss your options, should you become a finalist and need to participate in this. You can nominate a trusted friend to attend and respond on your behalf.

What are the awards for this year’s Melbourne’s Great Architectural Baking Competition?

Public competition category:

  1. 1 first-place winner will receive $1,500, trophy and certificate
  2. 1 second-place winner will receive $700, trophy and certificate
  3. 1 third-place winner will receive $300, trophy and certificate

Student competition category:

  1. 1 competition winner will receive $1,000, trophy and certificate

People’s Choice competition category:

  1. 1 competition winner will receive $1,000, trophy and certificate

How will the Student competition category winner be decided?
The top-ranked student, as determined during the judging process will result as the Student winner.

Can the general public vote for the People’s Choice award if they cannot attend Competition Day?
No, all votes for the People’s Choice award will be facilitated onsite on Competition Day.

How do I dispose of my cake at the conclusion of the Competition?
You are responsible for disposing your cake after the Competition. You may take it home or elsewhere, alternatively facilities will be available on campus for the disposal of your cakes following the Competition.


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