Access 2030

Mobility: City of Short Distances

This studio introduced the City of Short Distances, scenario building, product-service- system thinking and sustainability to 2nd and 3rd year Monash Industrial Design students.

The first project, Interlink, required students to undertake and map journeys across Melbourne comparing the experiences of using different modes of transport in order to reflect of the way artefact design and system and service design must be integrated when proposing innovative design solutions. Project 2 required students to develop clothing that facilitated the comfort and convenience of active and public transport, making these modes comparable to car use where possible. The final project required the students to develop a transport system that satisfied a high level of user comfort and convenience while having the lowest possible carbon footprint. Many of the projects focused on enhanced bicycle design, public transport interchanges and infrastructure and new kinds of apparel.

Studio Leaders: Mark Richardson, Monash University; Michael Trudgeon, Crowd Productions.