Forbo Model Making Space

Maker Spaces Clean Out

The Maker Spaces team will be removing and disposing of all models and materials from all of the labs, workshops and model making spaces at the end of the semester. Please ensure your work has been removed from the spaces by the following dates, or it will be disposed of:

  • Baldwin Spencer Maker Space (G18) -  remove models no later than Tuesday November 8th
  • Glyn Davis Building Model Making Space (G12) - remove models by no later than  Sunday November 13th

About us

Opening Hours: 9:30 am - 5pm

The Forbo Model Making Space is located adjacent to the Fab Lab. This space is an area for model-making, with storage for models and materials, some equipment and hand tools, the Spray Booth and the Wetworks area. Students are welcome to utilise the space as much as possible.

Please complete all the required inductions to gain access.
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Our Facilities

The Model Making Space is a large space is designed for students to assemble and create architectural models and prototypes, including storage for models and materials, hand tools, and access to the card cutter, hot wire foam cutters and sewing machines. Click through for a list of rules of use and more information.

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The Spray Booth is a closed environment for spray painting, applying glues, and resins. This space is isolated from the rest of the workshop and setup specifically with high ventilation to extract and remove toxic fumes, making it the only location in the building where you are allowed to use these materials. Please check with the Guru before using the spray booth.

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The Wetworks is a wet space within the Fab Lab used for casting, plastering, concreting and other wet activities.  The Wetworks has deep stainless steel troughs and other wet working facilities for students to utilise. Level 03 Induction is required to access this space, please follow the link.

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A wide range of metalworking capabilities are available for to utilise. You will require a Level 03 Induction to gain access to these processes. Click through for more information on the available services.

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Find Us

  • Located G12 Glyn Davis Building (Building 133)
  • Opening Hours  9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday 
  • For any enquiries, please contact

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