Designing futures with experimental technologies.

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The New Experimental Technology Lab (NExT Lab) is a technology-focused makerspace. We are your introduction to new disruptive technologies in design, providing hands-on access, support and resources to learn and integrate these technologies into your design projects. The space and our resources are accessible to all of the University of Melbourne. Whether you are a designer, researcher or inventor, technology is rapidly shaping our future industries so join the NExT Lab in exploring technology & design.

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Monday - Friday: 10AM - 5PM

Our Technologies

3D Printing brings digital models to life by successively adding material layer by layer. The NExT lab provides access to a farm of 32 Makerbot 3D Printers accessible to all of the university. Please check out our Knowledge Base for our submission requirements!

Knowledge Base + Submission Requirements

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3D Scanning allows you to capture real-world physical data and output as a 3D digital reconstruction. You will be able to generate digital 3D models and spatial data using techniques such as photogrammetry and devices such as handheld and terrestrial laser scanners.

Knowledge Base

Create, experience and interact with immersive virtual environments. Using a combination of a headset, controllers and sensors, your physical movements are translated directly into the digital.  We support a variety of HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headsets.

Knowledge Base

Overlay digital information over our physical world and augment how you view your world. Using a headset that tracks your hands, you can interact with digital holographic content. We support the Microsoft Hololens family.

Knowledge Base

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Our Supporters

Blum - Bringing the NExT Lab to life

Blum is proud to support the next generation of architecture, building and design students through the NExT Lab. Fundamental to Blum’s success is a focus on the latest technology and innovation, inspiring invention and fostering the future of design. Blum were therefore the perfect partner to help bring the NExT Lab to life. Featured in the NExT Lab is Blum’s AVENTOS HL equipped with SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system. 3D printing equipment is hidden by an expansive surface of mirrors and access to the equipment is easy and convenient with the mirrored fronts of the “Magic Box” opening as if by themselves with just a touch and close with a press of a button.

If you would like to know more about the Blum range check out their website

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