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At the Machine Workshop we believe that it is critical for every designer to understand how things are constructed, and the best way to learn is to build it yourself. We pride ourselves on providing all the key tools, technology, training and support you need from a range of local experienced furniture designers, architects, fabricators and woodworkers. At the Machine Workshop you can work with materials like timber, foam, plastics and aluminium on a range of machines and hand tools to create furniture, full scale building mockups, prototypes and architectural models to name a few. If you have an idea for a project you want to create, we’ll be able to help you build it.

Our Equipment

Hand Tools

The Machine Workshop has a large collection of generic workshop tools along with more specialised woodworking tools including Japanese hand saws, a variety of carving chisels and hand-planes. If there is a hand tool that you need, you'll probably find it in the machine workshop.

Knowledge Base


The Machine Workshop has a large range of power tools that rely on additional power sources and  other than sole manual labour. The workshop collection include sanders, routers, circular saws, and specialised joinery machines.

Knowledge Base


The Machine Workshop has a comprehensive collection of fixed machinery available for use to easily manage various tasks like cutting, shaping, drilling etc which are to be carried out on a variety of materials. As these machines machines come with higher safety risk ratings, Level 3 Inductions must be completed for each machine.

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David Fedyk

Workshop Coordinator

Christina Bricknell

Workshop Technician

Josh Stevens
  • Lead Workshop Technician

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    • G24 Glyn Davis Building (Building 133)
    • Opening Access Hours - Induction Level 1 and 2 Required
      Monday - Friday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm during semester
    • E:
    • T: +61 3 9035 6598

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