Inductions and Access MSD

The Maker Spaces are advanced facilities that require University of Melbourne students and staff to undergo training and safety inductions before they can access the services and facilities. Safe usage of the facilities is a top priority, and most services require at least some specialised knowledge to engage with effectively.

Induction overview

Level 1
Safety Induction (Online)

Online quiz on general safety principles and procedures

All staff and students who wish to enter and work in any Maker Space in the MSD must first successfully complete the Level 1 Safety Induction to be granted general access.

This also gives staff, and students access to the general Model Making spaces outside open hours and on the weekend.

Refresher training is required yearly.

Level 2
Safety Induction (In person)

In-person introduction to the machines, technical staff and safety procedures

The Level 2 Safety Induction will grant you access to the hand tools in the Model Making Space, Machine Workshop, and Robotics Lab.

You must complete the Level  1 Safety Induction before enrolling and booking the Level 2 Safety Induction.

Refresher training is required yearly.

Level 3
Safety Induction (In person)

In person training on specific machinery/equipment

Separate Level 3 inductions are required for each piece of equipment. A Level 3 induction is also required to access the Wet Room.

Level 3 inductions can be accessed on our training system website; they will become visible and/or accessible after completing your level 2 induction.

Refresher training is required yearly.

Maker Spaces Training System
Access Here

Having problems with your access?

If you are experiencing issues with using your student card to access the building or rooms, please report it here.

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