Prosthetic Habitats

Daniel Parker - MC-ARCH Thesis + Research Project -

Modular prosthetic habitat printed from experimental wood filament and assembled with the aid of Augmented Reality with the Microsoft Hololens.

As part of ongoing research into providing artificial homes for the Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua), Daniel has constructed a variety of prototypes that are biomimetic in texture, quality and function with the tree hollows that the Powerful Owl calls its home. Tree hollows develop naturally with age but around urban centers, they are rarely given the chance, but how might design provide provide new opportunities for our ecological citizens to call home?

3D Printing

Generated in grasshopper as an aggregation of modules, like for aeration and drainage, these were then printed with the NExT Lab's Experimental Extruders with a wood filament. This particular type of filament required a larger nozzle size and finely tuned print settings allowed by the Experimental Extruders.

Augmented Reality

These 3D-Printed wood modules were then assembled with the aid of Augmented Reality with the Microsoft Hololens, the holographic instruction set can be used to quickly assemble the assemblage.

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