The Machine Worksop is a hands-on makerspace providing access to a range of tools and technologies for you to operate and experiment with your own hands.

Many of the tools within the Machine Workshop are potentially hazardous. To access the Machine Workshop you must complete:

**All Induction training must be renewed yearly to access the Machine Workshop**

Safety Induction System

If you have a desire to create we want you to have the opportunity to access and use equipment yourself as quickly and easily as possible in all the MSD Makerspaces. To achieve this we have developed a three tier safety induction system that is easily tailored to the varying safety risks of each area. Meaning you get access quickly while still ensuring a safe environment for everyone. You only need to complete the higher tier inductions if you need access to higher risk equipment.

  1. Level 00 – MSD Online Building Induction

    To get swipe access to the MSD Building and Baldwin Spencer Building you must agree to the conditions of use set out in the Level 00 – MSD Online Building Induction.

  2. Level 01 – Safety Induction (Online)

    This induction introduces and assesses your understanding of general safety principles and procedures that must be adhered to in all ABP Makerspaces. If you want access to any of these spaces you must successfully complete the Level 01 – Safety Induction (Online).

  3. Level 02: In-person Safety Induction

    This in person safety induction provides a tour of all ABP Makerspaces demonstrating safety procedures and features such as emergency stop buttons and fire extinguishers. You will also learn basic safe use of hand tools to allow you to book equipment like power drills. Completing this induction will grant you access to the advanced hand tools in the Forbo Model Making Space, the Robotics Lab (G23) and the Machine Workshop (G24).

    Book Level 02 – Safety Induction

  4. Level 03 – Safety Induction (In person)

    These in person safety inductions are specific to machines with higher safety risks, such as power tools and the industrial robots. After completing the Level 03 induction for each machine you will have access to operate that machine yourself. Level 03 training is provided individually for each machine so that you only need to spend time training for the tool you want to use. If you want access to others simply complete the Level 03 for that machine.

Need enrolment assistance?

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