Student Forum

The Melbourne School of Design (MSD) Student Forum was developed in 2017 to address the need to include students in decision making in the Faculty. The Student Forum is a chance for students to engage with the Faculty in a productive dialogue that is focused on improving the student experience.

What is the Student Forum?

The Student Forum is a regular meeting run for and by students that represents the interests of all Undergraduate and Graduate Students in the Faculty. The Student Forum is open to all students but also consists of student representitives from all clubs, societies and faculty committees, Undergraduate and Graduate programs and Inflection Journal.

The Student Forum discusses issues relating to studies and student experience at the MSD and provides a platform to propose new initiatives for improving education and student affairs.

The items discussed at the Student Forum then set the agenda for the Student-Staff Forum chaired by Deputy Dean of the Faculty, Professor Alan Pert. The Student Staff Forum is open to all students and staff and is the opportunity for the Faculty to respond to items put forward by the Student Forum, provide updates and initiate actions items. Students are also able to ask questions and participate in discussions either directly or via representatives of the Student Forum.

Both meetings are held regularly with sufficient time allowed between the Student and Student-Staff Forums for faculty to respond to agenda items.

For updates on upcoming forums and to raise agenda items visit the Canvas Page or MSD Discussion Board.

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