Student Forum

The Melbourne School of Design (MSD) Student Forum was developed in 2017 to address the need to include students in decision making in the Faculty. The Student Forum is a chance for students to engage with the Faculty in a productive dialogue that is focused on improving the student experience.

The Forum is Chaired by the Director of the MSD, Professor Alan Pert, with other senior academic and professional staff members also attending. The student membership consists of representatives from student clubs, and students from the Faculty, selected via a formal application process.

Having students on the forum who are willing to engage in genuine and productive dialogue with the Faculty is vital to ensuring that student voices are heard and factored into decisions that will impact on students.You can contribute to the Student Forum by:

  • Contacting your student club and giving them feedback
  • Applying for a position on the student forum
  • Attending one or both of the 'open forums' held during the year

In addition to the regular forums held throughout semester, the Faculty is also holding open forums twice a year. Any student in the Melbourne School of Design is welcome to attend these forums, and raise matters of concern to the student body.

Selection process

Applications to join the MSD Student Forum are open all year.

There are 22 places available for application on the Student Forum, with successful applicants selected by a panel comprising of the Director of the MSD, The manager of the Academic Support Office and one other staff member as nominated by the Director of the MSD.

Students who want to apply for the Student Forum should complete the application form. An interview may be required for shortlisted students. Where possible, students will be selected to ensure representation across all programs.

Students who are successful in gaining a place on the student forum will be expected to attend a minimum of 75% of all forum meetings. Students will be expected to serve as student representatives on the forum for one year.

At the end of your final semester on the forum, Faculty will provide you with a signed letter of thanks from the Dean.

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