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Student newsletters and social media help to keep you informed and up to date.

Social Media

The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning uses its social media platforms to communicate events, exhibitions, news and other items of interest to our current student cohort.

If you would like to keep in touch with the happenings at the Melbourne School of Design and the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, follow us on Twitter, Instagram or like us on Facebook.

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ABP sends out e-newsletters to all our students and subscribed staff members. Both newsletters contain information about upcoming events and opportunities, important dates and FAQs, relevant to the specific student cohorts. Subscribe by clicking on the newsletter below.

Guidelines to submitting news items

ABP welcomes submissions of news items from university staff. All submissions should be relevant to the ABP student cohort and may include events such as info sessions, expos, student events like lunches/bbqs, services to students, workshops, subject promotion, student achievements and application deadlines for scholarships/courses - which have specific timelines around an organized event/service, as well as specific enrolment announcements from the Faculty.

  • All advertising for specific employment should be directed to Careers and Employment in the first instance. Employment opportunities that are directly relevant to Bachelor of Environments, Bachelor of Design and MSD disciplines that are advertised through Careers and Employment will be promoted in the student newsletters.
  • We cannot accept commercial advertising, promotional and sales material as news items. The University of Melbourne Student Union may be able to assist you with your promotions.
  • All requests for submission must include a picture
  • Each submission is screened to ensure that it is concise, factual, and appropriate for the relevant cohort. Emotive or controversial language and statements will be removed. Submissions are checked for spelling, grammar and clarity. Minor edits may be carried out.
  • Submissions of over 100 words may be edited to reduce the word count.
  • If the notice requires significant editing, the author may be contacted and asked to rewrite the notice or to provide further information.

Submit a news item

To submit a news item to be included in Vivid, Fabricate or Habitat, please use the N01 EDSC Newsletter submission form.

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