Studio 36

Untitled : Art Project Space

Anna Nervegna

This studio is available to students enrolled in ABPL90142 Studio C, ABPL90143 Studio D, and ABPL90115 Studio E.

Studio Description

The studio will explore the architectural design for generating architectural form and space to include  conceptual ideas which manifest in the final architectural experience. The studio will explore a set of tools that can apply to generating ideas and outcomes for a Project Art Space for Melbourne.

Unititled a Project Art Space for Melbourne will provide a a inner city project art space for emerging art practices recognizing the central role of art and design in contemporary life and culture. The Project space shall house art    galleries, site specific art, and digital media gallery including associated facilities. The Project art space shall by supported by and additional program (to be determined on by each student) to form a companion program to the Project Art Space ie: studios, hospitality or crisis housing.

Studio Outcomes

The students shall develop a sound understanding of different spatial and graphic techniques design-ers adopt and how these may communicate ideas and concepts through architectural design. Tests shall develop following site and gallery investigations establishing a design process. The studio shall work in class through class discussions, lectures, and exercises adopting different medium which shall include: Research, mapping exercises, and various model making exercises (physical and digital -Rhino etc). All activities shall be work towards a final  professional journal documenting the work including a final presentation layout in addition to a developed verbal and written design statement.

Studio Leader

Nervegna Reed Architecture is a design office motivated by ideas, brought together through extensive experience from the fields of architecture, academia, film and the arts. NR Architecure has been recognized with awards for both architecture and film making. The firms work has been included in the permanent collection of Griffith University Art Gallery and the Vizard Foundation. Anna’s art practice has been awarded by the Australia Council and the Gertrude Comporary Art Studio Program where she was also a board member.

Readings & References

    • Richard Serra – Verb List Compilation
    • Hal Foster – The Art Architecture Complex
    • Omar Calabrese – The Neo Baroque Sign of the Times
    • Farshid Moussavi – The Function of Style, The Function of Form
    • Paul Virillio – The Over Exposed City
    • Guy Debord – The Society of the Spectacle
    • Marshall McLuhan

Schedule Mondays, Thursdays 10:00-16:30 Online

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