ExLab: Robotic Clay 3D Printing 2019

Semester 2, 2019

ExLab: Robotic Clay 3D Printing is an elective in the Master of Architecture program in the Melbourne School of Design, Architecture, Building & Planning. During this elective the students were involved in building 2 large scale prototypes that explored the combination of clay 3D printing and robotic fabrication.

Hyper-Ceramic Tessellation

'Hyper-Ceramic Tessellation' experiments with mass-customised construction through robotically 3D printed bricks.
The use of robotic fabrication allowed a hyperbolic surface to be panelised into unique components.


Cynthia Lai
Nan Li 
Yanxiang Yang
Shengran Zheng 
Qiutong Zhang

Vegetation is a Hack by the Other Group

'Vegetation is a Hack by the Other Group' explores how robotic fabrication can used to create textured wall surfaces.


Bianca Censori
James Gledhill
Richen Jin
Donovan Ong

Elective led by: 

Ryan Pennings
Lewis Edwards
Jas Johnston

A special thanks to:

Pie Bolton - The Kiln Room
Deborah Edwards - VCA
Asuka Mew - Wingnut & Co 
Lucile Sciallano - Alterfact

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