Studio Epsilon

Coordinators: Associate Professor Greg Missingham and Sarah Song

As the capstone subject for the Architecture major in the Bachelor of Design, Design Studio Epsilon celebrates a culmination of a three-year journey undertaken by each of our undergraduate students.

Underlying the undergraduate design course is the development of both design thinking and dexterity with tools and techniques. The focus of Design Studio Epsilon centres around generating design ideas, translating them into architectural forms, spaces, materials and programs. Students engage in how to refine architecture through consideration of spatial organisation, environmental context and structural necessity. These notions are comprehensively realised through architectural propositions communicated via 2D- and 3D-modelling (physical and digital), visual and written media and oral presentations.

This semester our students were tasked with designing a community health centre located at 549 Lygon Street, Carlton. The project challenged students to design a local community health centre designed to deliver a range of integrated health services with supporting cultural, health and fitness, and commercial activities. Delivery of community health and education is proven to significantly improve physical and mental health for the local residents. The following projects have explored various dimensions of health and its relationship with the local community to provide residing and neighbouring residents of Carlton opportunities to improve their well-being.

Architecture 2020_winter