Human Research Ethics

Research projects involving human participants must have prior ethics approval before data can be collected.

MSD Minor Thesis Project within Program Applications

Research projects involving human participants must have prior ethics approval before data can be collected.

For students enrolled in the MSD Minor Thesis the process for applying for ethics clearance is outlined in the steps below.

  1. Create a Themis account through the Account management page first. Please allow 24 hours for the account to be activated. Once activated, you can log in and start submitting your ethics application.
  2. Login to your Themis account and select UOM Research Self Service from the side menu.
  3. Under Ethics, select Human Ethics Workbench.
  4. Click the Create button next to Ethics Application (including transfers and registrations).
  5. Select the relevant applicant type: Supervised Student Research Project
  6. Select the relevant student research project type: Masters by Coursework
  7. Complete the research checklist.
  8. Select the application type: Project within Program
  9. You can save the application and return to it later. This process will generate your Project within Program application ID.
  10. Download the MSD Minor Thesis Ethics Application Pack.
  11. Meet with your supervisor to discuss your application.
  12. Fill out all sections on the cover sheet and attach completed forms. The application should be completed with regards to the approved Minor Thesis Program.
  13. Ensure your supervisor signs off on your application.
  14. Upload the application and all supporting documents to the Themis application and submit it.

Ensure you submit your ethics application at least 6 weeks prior to data collection. Applications considered to be of higher risk may require a full ethics application and review.

The Human Research Ethics Committee requires that by the end of the year you must submit a report on the research. A link to the report will be emailed to the Responsible Researcher (the supervisor) and student researcher at start of December.

About Human Research Ethics

Ethics approval is required for postgraduate students who plan to conduct research activities involving humans.

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