Studio 07


Gumji Kang

Studio Description

Finally, you’ve arrived. Welcome.

Studio ‘Arrival’ invites the students to explore, speculate and frame our permanently changed relationship with ‘travel’ and how we experience new destinations.

Arriving in a foreign land, there is a moment of exhilaration, regardless of the reasons for travel.

Where is our destination?

Studio Outcomes

Students will be guided throughout the studio to establish their own brief, research framework and programs as a point of departure. Building on their explorations and ideations, the studio discussions will be paired with a series of studies and lectures to understand the design strategies around the spatial experience associated with their programs.

During the early phase of the studio, each student will be asked to choose an action or an outcome, or an attribute under their chosen destination, that they wish to speculate and experiment with.

Studio will be split into three phases;

  • 1 : Motivation : Articulation of a concept within the theme ‘arrival’ and detailed conceptual and site research
  • 2 : Speculation : Experimentation on the typology, exploration of design concept
  • 3 : Representation : Exploration and visual representation of spatial qualities through various scales of moments in the form of models, drawings and writings.

In addition to this, students will be asked to produce a package of research materials, a series of mapping exercises, a narrative analysis of existing conditions, and individual design proposals addressing both the macro and micro conditions on the chosen site.

Studio Leader

Gumji Kang is an architect based in Melbourne and has taught a number of architectural design studios at the University of Melbourne. Her interest lies in the architectural design strategies and interventions on the public space, and public architecture with a strong focus on research-driven practice.

Schedule Mondays 16:15-19:15 and Thursdays 12:00-15:00 Online

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