CDE Studio 02

Studio leaders: Rennie Liffen and Oskar Kazmanli-Liffen


He looks stern in that photograph, but I remember him as cheeky. You can just make out initials embroidered on his butter cream shirt. When we walked, he would lift me up to peer over the tall fences. Swimming pools and manicured grass. Made-up stories of lives we’d never know.

Later in life he got stuck in front of the television. It’s him that I make up stories about now. Though I didn’t think he was ever really looking, I wonder what these streets felt like for him in PARIS 1958?

This studio resides in the suburbs of PARIS. Developing the studio 2 rhetoric, ‘PARIS 58’ continues to explore the architectural project as empowerment and this semester sought to investigate the way in which experiences of architectural occupation have changed since Jacques Tati’s Paris of 1958. Through the vehicle of the design project, an empathetic understanding of the social and architectural experience of everyday life is developed over the course of the semester. We question how much we can ask of our built environment, our society, the buildings in which we exist and whether our contemporary phenomenological experiences equate to those of the past.



Francis Burne-Thompson  - OASIS OF re-INCLINE : dejeuner……done two ways

Jian Shuang Cheok - SPIRE OF THE SUB ROSA : Archive of Pawned Memories……and Political Secrets

Xinyu Sylvia Dong - ACTIVISM ASSEMBLY : political secrets on screen

Hong Chang Andy Duan - SUNKEN THEATREOral History (re)narrated for the Romanis

Emilie Evans - SENSORIUM EMPORIUM : interstices of intimacy

Vincent Rijanto Heru - MINISTRY OF THRILL : Concealed Chamber for Suspense Apostles

Mike Lam - RECOVERING LOST STEPS : Bridges to Balance and Prosthetics

Jason Le - PLASTIC (TOY) DEPOSITORY : Tin-Plate-Tower of Exchange

Charlotte Li - EMOTIONAL HALLS : domestic photography archive of Paris past

Kundi Shu - ACHROMATIC WALLS + CHROMATIC PILLAR OF ODOUR : naturopathy chamber for culinary / food re-sensitisation

Kristy Ching Yieng Tan - VESSEL OF REVIVAL : Tactile Pottery Encountered

Naiji Tan - NEST OF DECENCY : warm caring for…… Les Femmes Vertes

Yifei wang - OLFACTORY CHAMBER : natural aromas + emotional memories

Winten Xu - EMBEDDED CHAMBER OF CONSUMPTION : food science in the name of justice



Thanks to Collaborators, Critics and Studio Guests:
Jarrod Haberfield
Ben Kronenberg (technical tutor – Landscape)
Miranda Holt (technical tutor – Interiors)
Dr Stephanie Liddicoat
John Gatip
Jean-Francois Laroche
Lauren Garner
Duncan Crowe
Katja Wagner

Architecture Senses Process 2020_winter